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Appointment of new priest to Nanaimo & Comox Valley

Letter of Bishop Michael to the parish administrator, council, and parishioners of St Michael the Archangel parish, 12 March 2024:

The crest of the Eparchy of New Westminster

Dear Father Yuriy,
Dear Parish Council and Parishioners,

Слава Ісусу Христу!

I write to you today with a great deal of excitement and hope for your Parish and our entire Eparchy. I am pleased to announce to you today some changes that I am convinced will be a refreshing renewal for all those involved.

After considerable researching and discussion with several individuals, and a great deal of prayer, I am appointing to the Nanaimo Parish and to the wider pastoral area of the Comox Valley a new priest in the person of Rev. Father Stepan Vytvytskyi. I am relieving Father Yuriy Vyshnevskyy of the pastoral duties of the area that he has served so admirably and to the satisfaction of those that have enjoyed parish life in that area.

There are two other members of the clergy receiving new pastoral duties that will affect several parishes—five parishes directly and another four parishes indirectly. However, the changes will eventually lighten the burden of pastoral care for many involved. The change will take place from Palm Sunday, the 24th of March 2024. I have asked the clergy involved to collaborate with their new parish communities to organize the best schedule of services for Palm Sunday, Passon Week and Easter. Therefore, I ask the parish council and those normally involved with church preparation for Sundays and Holidays, to kindly welcome Father Stepan Vytvystkyi and his family and, particularly, help Father Stepan arrange for the richest possible liturgical schedule.

That the change will not leave anyone in a lurch, we will discuss the practical matters of moves, stewardship responsibilities and opportunities over the next few weeks.

God bless us all in this exciting year as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Eparchy and as we move into the next half century!

You are in my prayer. I look forward to meeting and speaking with you in the near future. God bless you with a truly lifechanging conclusion to the Great Fast and a joyful Easter celebration!

Most Rev. Michael Kwiatkowski
Bishop of New Westminster