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Aid for Ukraine

Banner image reading ‘Pray for Ukraine’ in English and Ukranian

Please donate to organisations providing material assistance to the Ukrainian people fighting to save their homeland, to the many thousands of displaced persons and refugees. Saint Michael the Archangel parish is supporting the work of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA Canada) which partners with Caritas Ukraine to provide humanitarian assistance, access to medical aid, and spiritual support. Caritas has been active in Ukraine since the early 1990s, has 20 regional branches in the country, knows well the conditions and needs on the ground, and even in times of peace provided much needed assistance. Since Russia’s siezure of Crimea and initiation of a proxy separatist war in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, Caritas Ukraine has provided aid to people directly affected or displaced by the conflict, including many elderly people in need of immediare and ongoing medical aid.

Donations to Caritas Ukraine can be made via CNEWA Canada’s Ukraine appeal webpage, or through the CNEWA CanadaHelps page (select the Ukraine fund).

Donations can also be made through St Michael the Archangel parish via:

  • Cheques made out to ‘St Michael parish’ with the memo ‘Aid for Ukraine’.
    These can be put in the collection basket at the church during our regular Saturday eleven o’clock morning service, or mailed to:
    St Michael the Archangel parish
    4017 Victoria Ave, Nanaimo, BC V9T 2A5
  • Our CanadaHelps donation form.
    Select ‘2. Aid for Ukraine’ from the dropdown list of funds.
  • Interac money transfer to
    Please include memo ‘Aid for Ukraine’, and be sure to separately email the answer to your security question if applicable.

CanadaHelps also maintains a list of Canadian charitable organisations providing urgent aid to Ukraine and to Ukrainian refugees.

Charitable receipts
Please note that receipts for donations to CNEWA made by cheque or Interac money transfer via St Michael’s parish will be issued by CNEWA, not by the parish. This is necessary in order to ensure that the parish is able to maintain compliance with Canadian Revenue Agency regulations regarding the amount of funds that charitable organisations direct outside the country. In order the enable this, the parish will need to provide your name and address to CNEWA at the time we pass on the funds to them.

If you make your donation via our CanadaHelps donation form, you will receive a charitable receipt direct from CanadaHelps.