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First Monday of Great Lent 2021

In the calendar of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, the penitential season of Great Lent commences on the Monday following the Sunday of Forgiveness, two days before the Ash Wednesday start of Lent in the Roman Catholic Church. During Lent 2021, under the suspension of public services due to pandemic restrictions, Father Yuriy will be conducting Lenten services via video stream from Saint Nicholas parish in Victoria. Please see the services times page for schedule.

From Monday to Thursday this week, the service consists of the Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete. Also known as the Canon of Repentance, this masterwork of penitential poetry chronologically recounts in 150 odes the Biblical history of humanity’s fall and redemption from the perspective of the individual sinner, encouraging recognition of the need for repentance and a turning again towards God. The Great Canon is divided into four sections, which are prayed across the first four nights of Great Lent.

Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete (day 1)